We help you to improve your swimming.

Swimhohlic stands for quality and rich experience in swimming.

Our licensed swimming school for children and adults is based in the region of Berne (Burgdorf-Bern-Thun), Switzerland.

Our main areas of work are swimming classes for children and adults, personal coaching and open water classes and training for age group swimmers and triathletes. Our clients are adult athletes, from beginners to master swimmers, competing at international competitions, Ironman athletes and others who wish to improve their swimming.

Swimhohlic GmbH is committed to providing services that not only fit every skill level and background, but also infuse our supportive and innovative teaching approach. The teaching language in our group classes is German. However, all our teachers speak English. Private lessons can be in English. Please visit our German webpage to get more information about our services or contact us.

Schwimmer beim Kraultraining
Gruppe von Schwimmern in Neoprenanzügen und Schwimmkappen bereitet sich am Ufer eines Sees auf das Open-Water-Schwimmen vor, mit Bergkulisse im Hintergrund

Swimming is a very technical sport …

… and requires plenty of attention to the technique aspects of the stroke.

We believe that a mix of technique and fitness work brings the best results and the training sessions should have a balance of this 2 elements. For the triathletes we recommend a third component in every session – open water specific training. The combination of those three elements lifts your swimming to the next level. All the our training plans contain this balanced approach to your swimming.

If you need any of swim equipment or a wetsuit please visit our online store or ask one of our coaches for help.